Arakkal Palace

The Arakkal Palace is located in Kannur district and is owned by the only royal Muslim family in Kerala known as the Arakkal family and the Arakkal museum is dedicated to this family. The museum is only a section of the palace which holds the durbar hall. Even though the museum has been renovated by the government at a whopping cost of rupees 9,000,000 the Arakkalkettu is still owned by the Muslim family. The Arakkal family trust does not fall under the control of any of the government department primarily the archaeology department. It is located three kilometres from Kannur town. The Arakkal kingdom once ruled Lakshadweep islands and the coastal areas of Malabar. The Arakkal family trust is close to two hundred years old. The palace was renovated and converted into a museum only recently in 2005.

The architecture is interesting exhibiting local flavours such as using materials like wood and laterite and there is a large open ground to offer the daily Muslim prayers which is done for five times called “Namaz”. “Kettu” is the palace complex which interconnects the Namaz area. There are four mosques around the palace. One of these blocks has a cot, seating chair and a lamp is always lit as this place is considered sacred. It looks like business was booming at this time as there were trade houses and warehouse facilities. The family followed a matrilineal system of descent and there was no discrimination done based on gender. The male rulers were known as Arakkal Raja and the female rulers were known as Arakkal Beewis.

How to reach Arakkal Palace:

By Air: Karipur International airport
By Train: Kannur railway station
By bus: Kannur bus stand

Best time to visit:

August to March

Nearby places to visit

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Dharmadam Island

This private island is located hundred meters offshore surrounded by river and sea. One can take tranquil walks along the island when the tide is low. Permission should be taken by the owners of the island.

Moppila Bay Harbour

A natural harbour located in Kannur town, Kerala. On one side is the Arakkal palace and on the other side is fort St. Angelo built in the 15th century.

Fort St. Angelo

The first Portuguese viceroy of India, Don Francisco D. Almeida built this fort in 1505 AD. The fort was owned by the Dutch, the Arakkal family and finally to the British. The cannons, barracks and ruins of the chapel are beautiful to watch.


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