Athirappilly Falls

Athirappilly Falls is located in the Trissur district of Kerala which is a southern state of India. The 80 feet high water fall is one of the most popular waterfalls in  southindia. This marvelous water which flows bearing all the perfect memories is situated in the midst of the Chalakudy River which originate from the Anamudi mountains of the Western Ghats. The water of the river swishes, and swirls as it nears Athirapally. The water gets blustery and it gushes around the rocks and pours down in three separate curls.

Either side of the river is the dense forest which holds innumerous varieties of flora and fauna. It is the place left in the Western Ghats where one could find all different varieties of Hornbills chirping merrily.This harmonious and well sustained ecosystem has already been frayed by men. The mining activities and the oncoming of hydroelectric projects on the Chalakudy River has already torn apart this friable piece of land.


How to reach here 

The nearest airport is cochin international airport which is at a distance of 55 km

The nearest town is Thrissur which is at a distance of 60 kms  and we can get the falls via road with ease.

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“All things are artificial, as nature is the art of God”. Nature is nothing but a gift of God to the mankind. But was this gift given a warm welcome? Some of us may not even think before giving an answer for the truth is always bitter. but there are some pieces of nature left unshattered, one of them are the nelliampathi hills.

Nelliampathi is one most popular hill stations situated in kerala. It is situated about 60 kms away from the town of Palakkad. The place is farmous for its awesome weather conditions and splendid natural beauty. The journey to nelliampathi will be journey of a lifetime. One of the main tourist attractions of this place is the jeep ride though the rouged terrain. No ordinary man can ride though many hairpins turns risking their life. The place is surrounded by tea and coffee plantains and the surroundings are so beautiful that we might fall in love with it.

Some of the farmous tourist locations near nelliampathi are the seetharkundu, Meenakara dam and the pothundi dam. According to hindu mythology the  Rama , Lakshmana and Sita had lived there. Pothundi Dam is a small irrigation dam which provides water for the surrounding area.

Many hotels and homestays are available in nelliampathi. We can chose one according to our budget.

How to reach here

The nearest Airports are Cochin International Airport and Coimbatore Air port which is at 55 km from palakkad

The nearest railway stations are Palakkad, Thrissure and Coimbatore , you will get a cab from there to get to Nelliyampathi

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Parambikulam Wild life Sanctuary

Parambikulam is a small area of land located in Palakkad district of Kerala  in the southern most part of India. This place is famous for the wildlife sanctuary which was established in the year 1973. This is located very much near to the Indira Gandhi Wildlife sanctuary of Tamil Nadu. This wildlife sanctuary is located  between the Anamalai and the Nelliampathy ranges. Among the unscathed lands of India, this virgin valley which is known as the pride of palakkad is known of its splendid beauty.

One can feel and touch the beauty of our mother nature. The diversity of flora and fauna shown by this place cannot be described in words. Parambikulam is equally a domicile of both terrestrial and aquatic life. It is an abode of elephants, wild boar, gaur and many other animals and birds. This sanctuary is endowed with a peninsular flora and fauna which are exceptionally conserved due to the total protection and minimal human interferences.

Although the human interferences are minimal, tourism is well established in this place. Any one visiting this place can have treasured memories of animal sightings and that too being in the lap of mother nature. Trekking in the forest is allowed, but only with prior permission.  Boating services are also available at the reservoir.

Apart from being an ecological continuum that aids the large viable populations of wildlife, the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is also a home for various races of indigenous people who are as well an integral part of the prevailing harmonious ecosystem. While considering the abundance of flora and fauna and the adorable beauty of nature, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary  called as the pride  Western Ghats is one of the best wild heritage places one can ever find in palakkad which makes the Western Ghats one among the world’s 34 bio diversity hot spots.

How to reach here

The Sanctuary is 95 kms away from Palakkad (Kerala) and 100 km away from Coimbatore (Tamil nadu)

The nearest railway station is coimbator which is at a distance of 85 km


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Palakkad Fort

Kerala, one of the southern states of India has a history that goes to several millennia. Even years ago Kerala was the center of spice trade. The different varieties of pepper and other spices attracted the foreigners to Kerala. As the state was nearer to the sea, trading was done with easiness. Apart from spices the state is rich in coconut cultivation. Hence it got its name KERALA. The place is known for its natural magnificence, which attracts people to this place.

Kerala is also a place which is known for its countless historical significance. Innumerous palaces, forts, and ancient temples are disbursed all over the state. All together the state is said to be a blend of nature, culture and chronological implication. Palakkad is one such place which is a large town municipality. It is the seventh most populous district of Kerala. Palakkad is one of the famous tourist attractions of Kerala state. It has many tourist spots which include Nelliampathy, Malampuzha Dam, Silent valley and so on.

Palakkad Fort which is an ancient Fort situated in the heart of the Palakkad town of Kerala State is one of the important and well preserved Fort having a lot of historical significance. This Fort is also called as the Tipu’s Fort. This fort was built in 1766 ACE by Haider Ali. Although this fort is said to have existed many years before, it is believed to be renovated to its present form in 1766. This Fort was garrisoned until the middle of 19th century. Later on it was converted into a taluk office.

Even today the Palakkad Fort remains preserved. A large ground called as the “Kotta Maidanam”, that is, Fort Grounds, exists between the fort and the town hall. This ground was once used as stable for Tippu Sultan’s horses and elephants, is now used to stage cricket and football matches. In addition to all these a children’s park is also situated on one side of the fort attracts tourists from different parts of the world.

How to reach here

It is prety near to palakkad town you can get a cab to the fort

The nearest airport is Coimbatore international airport


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Silent Valley National Park

Kerala known as the God’s own country is not only famous for spices, coconuts, and culture.The culture of Kerala is very famous throughout the world. Kerala has proved to be a place of tourists and tourism. It’s worthy to know that the people of Kerala still follow their principles. There goes a famous saying in Sanskrit “ADHITHI DEVO BHAVA”.  It is also famous for its natural beauty and bio diversity. Hills and mountains, rivers and lakes, and the wide range of bio-diversity enhance the beauty of the place. Not only it attracts the local tourists it also attracts tourists from different parts of the world. Kerala is a place where one can certainly feel the beauty of nature which their hearts and hands. Due to its everlasting and sumptuous beauty it also proves to be the place for artists and poets.

Apart from many mountains and hills Kerala is a home for wide range of wildlife. It has many wildlife sanctuaries and National parks which protects and shelters different varieties of animals and birds. One such National park situated in Kerala is the Silent valley National park. It is located in the Nilgiri Hills in Palakkad district of Kerala. This park is one of the undisturbed tracts of South-western Ghats and tropical moist evergreen forests in India. The center attraction of this place is Sairandhri. The Silent valley National Park was established in 26th December 1980. Silent Valley is a home to many animals and birds. It shelters the largest population of Lion tailed Macaque which is an endangered species.

Silent valley is locally called as the Sairandhrivanam. According to the Hindu legend this forest was one of the places where the Pandavas stayed during their 14-years exile. Besides the river on a hill slope is a cave where according to the Hindu mythology is the cave where Pandavas halted.

Even though Silent valley is a pastoral piece of land it has victimized the largest environmentalist Social Movement known as the SAVE SILENT VALLLEY which was against the proposal of KSEB for a hydroelectric power plant by building a dam across the Kunthipuzha river.

How to reach here

The nearest railway station is palakkard junction at a distance of 60km

The nearest airports are ?Coimbatore (55km) calicat(80km) and Cochin (125km)


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Thirumullavaram Beach

Kerala is not only known for its spices and coconut production. Kerala also has many scenic attractions like mountains, lakes, lagoons, and back waters. Its beauty is also enhanced by a number of beaches present in the state. As one can see, the beauty of the state lies in the beaches and other water bodies. The Thirumullavaram beach, located near Kollam, is one of the most popular tourist locations of the state. If you are searching for a place to spend your day in peace this mesmerizing beach can be suggested as one of the best. The shallow waters of the Thiruvallavaram beach allow us to take a bath in the sea or one can swim freely. The ease of accessibility of this place is one of the main reasons for its popularity. The main occupation of the local inhabitants is fishing. The golden sands and the turquoise blue sea augments the beauty of this place. Thirumullavaram beach is considered as one of the perfect places in Kerala for scuba diving. The Maha Vishnu temple situated here is also very famous and is attractive. It is therefore not only a tourist spot but is also considered as a religious place for Hindus.

How to reach Thirumullavaram Beach?

The nearest airport is the Trivandrum international airport from where the beach is at a distance of 70 kilometers. Taxi service is available from the airport to various destinations.We can also reach here via rail, Kollam railway station is situated just 5 kilometers away from the beach. Thirumullavaram beach is situated just near the state high way so there won’t be any difficulty to reach their by road.


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Thenmala is one of the most popular tourist places in Kerala. It is located in the Kollam district and is near to the Punalur town. It attracts domestic tourists as equally as it attracts foreign tourists. It is the first planned eco-tourism in India. The word Thenmala has a beautiful meaning in Malayalam. It is a combination of two words ‘Then’ and ‘mala’ which means ‘honey’ and ‘hill’ respectively and thus the combined word meaning comes out as ‘Honey Hill”.

As the word means the honey collected from this region is believed to have good quality owing to its special biological setting. This region gains it popularity not only for it bio-diversity but also for it unique panoramas. This place offers equal opportunities of adventure, fun, and leisure. It hosts a number of attractions to the tourists visiting the place. It includes Boating on the lake, a rope bridge, trekking, mountaineering, and musical fountain. The Palaruvi which is another famous tourist spot is also situated near Thenmala. The deer rehabilitation center is another attraction that attracts people to this place. In this center one can see the spotted deer, sambar deer, and the barking deer in a typical forest setting. The traditional tree houses used by the forest dwellers to escape from the wild animals also add to the attractions of this place. It also has battery powered rides through the forests which enables us to watch the wildlife from a close distance. Apart from the tourist attractions Thenmala also proves to be a famous spot chosen as the shooting location in Tamil and Malayalam movies.



How to reach here

Thenmala is 72 kilometers from Trivandrum and 16 kilometers from Palaruvi Falls. It is accessible easily by road and Kollam Railway Station is the nearby railway station.

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Thangaserry beach

Thangaserry Beach is one of the famous beaches of historical importance located in the Kollam district of Kerala. Thangaserry was once a Portuguese colony and then a Dutch colony which finally came under British dominion during their rule. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the state and one can never forget the beauty of the white sandy sea shore spotted with swaying palm trees being watched from the top of the light house tower situated on its shore. This beach draws the attraction of a number of tourists visiting Kerala. This Beach is also known for its historical importance. It is to be certainly mentioned about the Historical facts and attractions of this beach. Anyone who visits the beach can see the remains of the famous Thangaserry Fort which was established by the Dutch and the Portuguese in the18th century. The sea shore proves not only to be a best picnic sport for the tourists but also as the best relaxing spot for the locals.

One visiting this beach must certainly do the various water sports like scuba diving, parasailing, fishing, and catamaran riding. These activities thus present a delight to many adventure lovers. The sea shore also has some Churches which were once built by the Dutch. Even though these Churches were constructed long years back they still exist and their architectural beauty is certainly marvelous to be appreciated. Another attraction of the place is the Thangaserry Light house which was built in 1902.

How to reach here

It is easy to reach from all places and is situated at a distance of 5 kilometers from the railway station of Kollam. The nearest Airport is the Trivandrum international airport



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Thangaserry Light House

A light house is a tower or a building designed to emit light from a system made up of lamps and lenses and proves to be an aid to navigation and mariners during night travel. They mark dangerous coastlines and hazardous reefs and also provide an aid for the mariners to have a safe entry to the harbor. The light houses also provide assistance for the aerial travellers. Not only that it assists the marine and aerial travellers it also serves the purpose of a watch tower. Some light houses are popular travel destinations of tourists and some may consider visiting light houses and capturing their photographs as a hobby. As they are located on the sea shores the scenic beauty of the sea can be well-watched from the top of the light house tower.

One of the famous light houses situated in Kollam district of Kerala is the Thangaserry Light House. It is one of the major attractions of Kollam and is located at a distance of 5 kilometers from Kollam Railway Station. This Light house has a height of about 144 feet and it was built in the year in 1902. It stands on the shore of the famous Thangaserry beach as a sentinel, which warns the seaman about the perfidious reefs of Thangaserry. This lighthouse tower is opened for visitors only during the evenings from 3.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

How to reach here

This famous tower is located at a distance of 70 kilometers from the Trivandrum International airport and if one wishes to travel by rail Kollam is the nearby station. It can also be accessed easily by roads.

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Palaruvi waterfalls

Kerala, the gods own country is famous for its mesmerizing scenic beauty. We can feel the freshness of Kerala in every drop of water and the very air that we breathe in. An important tourist destination in Kerala is the Palaruvi waterfalls. This amazing place in located about 75 km from Kollam. We can reach here through bus as it’s located in the Kollam- Shencottah road. The water fall is so beautiful that one can never forget this marvel of nature. Palaruvi means “stream of milk” in the colloquial language of Kerala, that is Malayalam. It is one of the highest water falls in the country. We have to travel through the dense tropical forest to get here and it will be an everlasting memorable experience.

It is a horsetail type waterfall. It has only a single drop and the waterfall drops from a height of approximately 91 meters. The Palaruvi waterfall is across the famous Kallada River of Kollam. The waterfall is not only known for its alluring beauty but also for the medicinal values offered by its water. It is totally spellbinding that the waters of the Palaruvi falls have healing powers as the water flows as the water flows over certain shrubs and herbs of medicinal value.


How to reach here?

The nearest airport is the Trivandrum international Airport which is at a distance of 72 km from Kollam town. The Kollam railway station is at a distance of 75 km from the location. This place can be reached with ease via road as well.


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