Guruvayur temple

India is the land of great spirituality. Thousands of temples  and other religious places are there in the country. Kerala, the gods own country is an abode to many mesmerizing spiritual places. People of all religions live in harmony here. Guruvayur temple is one of the most historical and spiritual places in the country. It is situated in the thrissur district  in Kerala.  People come here to worship lord Vishnu. Guruvayur is often known as the Dwaraka of southern India. Name given to lord of this temple is “guruvayurappan”. Appan in the local language means father hence the word conveys the meaning father of guruvayur. Guruvayur is one of the most holy places in Kerala, people from all over pour into this place to get blessings from lord Vishnu. The history of the temple goes beyond centuries. It is said the temple was build about 5000 years ago, although no historical evidence is about the same but in a Tamil literature book named  “ Kokasandesam” from 14th century  a place named kuruvayur is made. By this we can estimate that the legacy of guruvayur goes behind at least half a millennia.


Daily pooja timing in Guruvayur

Temple will open at around 3am and after the days pooja it closes at 10pm. Here is the temple timings for your convenience.



3.00am to 3.30am Nirmalyam
3.20am to 3.30am Oilabhishekam, Vakacharthu, Sankhabhishekam
3.30am to 4.15am Malar Nivedyam, Alankaram
4.15am to 4.30am Usha Nivedyam
4.30am to 6.15am Ethirettu pooja followed by Usha pooja
7.15am to 9.00am Seeveli,Palabhishekam,Navakabhishekam, Pantheeradi Nivedyam, and Pooja
11.30am to 12.30pm Ucha pooja (the noon pooja)
4.30pm to 5.00pm Seeveli
6.00pm to 6.45pm Deeparadhana
7.30pm to 7.45pm Athazha pooja Nivedyam
7.45pm to 8.15pm Athazha pooja
8.45pm to 9.00pm Athazha seeveli
9.00pm to 9.15pm Thrippuka, Olavayana
9.15pm The Sreekovil will be closed. On the day of Special Illuminations called “Vilakku” the Thripuka will be  performed after that. The Sreekovil will be closed after Thripuka. Then the Krishnanattam, a colourful traditional dance-drama based on Lord Krishna’s life is enacted inside the Temple on specified days.



The Devaswom provides many facilities  in order to accommodate the pilgrims. there is the facility to book the rooms in advance. in order to do this , full room rent and reservation charges should be sent to The Administrator, Guruvayur Devaswom, Guruvayur – Demand Draft or Money Order well in advance. Full information about the reservation should be provided  along with the Demand Draft or Money Order.


The Devaswom Satram is situated  at some distance  from the Eastern Gopuram. It has 82 rooms with attached bath and 27 rooms having common bathroom. Four blocks are there in the Satram, namely South Block, East Block, TC Block and Canteen Block.

Kousthubham rest house( Phone No: 0487 2556537, Fax: 04872554844)

Kousthubhamn rest house is situated near  the sathram building.

Sl.No Rooms No. of Persons Rate
1 2 Bed Non A/c Adults 2 + Children’s 2 200
2 4 Bed Non A/c Adults 4 + Children’s 2 400
3 6 Bed Non A/c Adults 6 + Children’s 2 600
4 2 Bed A/c Adults 2 + Children’s 2 635
5 Dormitory Hall 50 Persons 2000 ( 6 pm to 6 am ) Extra Hours 750/Hour

Reservation Charge : 20/- Reservation Charge of Dormitory Hall: 100/- *Extra Room( A/C Room rs.50/- and Non A/Croom Rs.30/-)

Panchajanyam rest house (Phone no: 0487 2556535, Fax: 04872554844)

The Panchajanyam rest house is located at some distance from the south side of the east gopuram. The rates are as follow

Sl.No. Rooms No. of Persons Rate
1 5 Bed A/c Adults 5 + Children’s 2 1000 + Tax-Caution Deposit 500
2 3 Bed A/c Adults 3 + Children’s 2 750 + Tax-Caution Deposit 500
3 5 Bed Non A/c Adults 5 + Children’s 2 500 – Caution Deposit 300
4 3 Bed Non A/c Adults 3 + Children’s 2 350 – Caution Deposit 300

• Extra Persons ( A/c Room Rs. 50/- and Non A/c Rooms Rs.30/- ) (No Reservation For A/C Rooms)

Sreevalsam Guest House (Phone no: 0487 2556539)

This guest house is situated near the south side of the temple’s east gopuram. There are six airconditioned 2 beddedGURUVAYUR DEVASWOMsuits available in this residence

Suite No Rent Service Charges for 2 Hours
1,2,3,4 1400 + Tax 300
5 1000 + Tax 200
6 800 + Tax 150

* Extra Persons ( A/c Room Rs. 50/- and Non A/c Rooms Rs.30/- **booking facility is not  available for sreevalsam guest house  




How to reach here Guruvayur is situated in Thrissur district in Kerala.   The nearest international airport is the cochin international air port which is at a distance of 87 km There is a rail way station in guruvayur, you can take a passenger train from Thrissur or cochin. There are buses from Cochin and Thrissur. It is situated near the state highway 49 so there will not be any trouble for you to reach here.

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