Palakkad Fort

Kerala, one of the southern states of India has a history that goes to several millennia. Even years ago Kerala was the center of spice trade. The different varieties of pepper and other spices attracted the foreigners to Kerala. As the state was nearer to the sea, trading was done with easiness. Apart from spices the state is rich in coconut cultivation. Hence it got its name KERALA. The place is known for its natural magnificence, which attracts people to this place.

Kerala is also a place which is known for its countless historical significance. Innumerous palaces, forts, and ancient temples are disbursed all over the state. All together the state is said to be a blend of nature, culture and chronological implication. Palakkad is one such place which is a large town municipality. It is the seventh most populous district of Kerala. Palakkad is one of the famous tourist attractions of Kerala state. It has many tourist spots which include Nelliampathy, Malampuzha Dam, Silent valley and so on.

Palakkad Fort which is an ancient Fort situated in the heart of the Palakkad town of Kerala State is one of the important and well preserved Fort having a lot of historical significance. This Fort is also called as the Tipu’s Fort. This fort was built in 1766 ACE by Haider Ali. Although this fort is said to have existed many years before, it is believed to be renovated to its present form in 1766. This Fort was garrisoned until the middle of 19th century. Later on it was converted into a taluk office.

Even today the Palakkad Fort remains preserved. A large ground called as the “Kotta Maidanam”, that is, Fort Grounds, exists between the fort and the town hall. This ground was once used as stable for Tippu Sultan’s horses and elephants, is now used to stage cricket and football matches. In addition to all these a children’s park is also situated on one side of the fort attracts tourists from different parts of the world.

How to reach here

It is prety near to palakkad town you can get a cab to the fort

The nearest airport is Coimbatore international airport


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