Palaruvi waterfalls

Kerala, the gods own country is famous for its mesmerizing scenic beauty. We can feel the freshness of Kerala in every drop of water and the very air that we breathe in. An important tourist destination in Kerala is the Palaruvi waterfalls. This amazing place in located about 75 km from Kollam. We can reach here through bus as it’s located in the Kollam- Shencottah road. The water fall is so beautiful that one can never forget this marvel of nature. Palaruvi means “stream of milk” in the colloquial language of Kerala, that is Malayalam. It is one of the highest water falls in the country. We have to travel through the dense tropical forest to get here and it will be an everlasting memorable experience.

It is a horsetail type waterfall. It has only a single drop and the waterfall drops from a height of approximately 91 meters. The Palaruvi waterfall is across the famous Kallada River of Kollam. The waterfall is not only known for its alluring beauty but also for the medicinal values offered by its water. It is totally spellbinding that the waters of the Palaruvi falls have healing powers as the water flows as the water flows over certain shrubs and herbs of medicinal value.


How to reach here?

The nearest airport is the Trivandrum international Airport which is at a distance of 72 km from Kollam town. The Kollam railway station is at a distance of 75 km from the location. This place can be reached with ease via road as well.


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