Parambikulam Wild life Sanctuary

Parambikulam is a small area of land located in Palakkad district of Kerala  in the southern most part of India. This place is famous for the wildlife sanctuary which was established in the year 1973. This is located very much near to the Indira Gandhi Wildlife sanctuary of Tamil Nadu. This wildlife sanctuary is located  between the Anamalai and the Nelliampathy ranges. Among the unscathed lands of India, this virgin valley which is known as the pride of palakkad is known of its splendid beauty.

One can feel and touch the beauty of our mother nature. The diversity of flora and fauna shown by this place cannot be described in words. Parambikulam is equally a domicile of both terrestrial and aquatic life. It is an abode of elephants, wild boar, gaur and many other animals and birds. This sanctuary is endowed with a peninsular flora and fauna which are exceptionally conserved due to the total protection and minimal human interferences.

Although the human interferences are minimal, tourism is well established in this place. Any one visiting this place can have treasured memories of animal sightings and that too being in the lap of mother nature. Trekking in the forest is allowed, but only with prior permission.  Boating services are also available at the reservoir.

Apart from being an ecological continuum that aids the large viable populations of wildlife, the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is also a home for various races of indigenous people who are as well an integral part of the prevailing harmonious ecosystem. While considering the abundance of flora and fauna and the adorable beauty of nature, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary  called as the pride  Western Ghats is one of the best wild heritage places one can ever find in palakkad which makes the Western Ghats one among the world’s 34 bio diversity hot spots.

How to reach here

The Sanctuary is 95 kms away from Palakkad (Kerala) and 100 km away from Coimbatore (Tamil nadu)

The nearest railway station is coimbator which is at a distance of 85 km


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