Shakthan Thamburan Palace

There are many famous palaces and forts in the beautiful state of kerala. One amoung these is the Shakthan Thamburan palace situated in thrissur. It was constructed by the farmous Ramavarma Thampuran known as Shakthan Thamburan. Shakthan Thamburan was the greatest ruler  of kochi.  Shakthan Thamburan palace was build in the year 1795 in kerala –Duch was first named as Vadakkekara palace but is commonly known as Shakthan Thamburan Palace. In the year 2005 the government of Kerala converted the palace to a museum.

The palace is similar to the palaces built in the 18th century. It has a traditional kerala style out look with the nalukettu , spacious rooms and high roofs. Italian marble is used to do the flooring. The interiors of the palace is ultra comfortable in any weather conditions. The skill of the technicians lived in during the 18th century can be clearly seen in the marvel.

Museum in the palace is attracting large mass attraction to this place. Here we can see the bronze statues belonging to 12th and 18th century. Coins , writings and other valuable remains of the past can be seen here. One of the specialties of this place is the archeological garden where archeological remains even from the Stone Age are preserved.

How to reach here

The nearest airport is Kochi international Airport which is at a distance of 79 km.

The temple is near to the Thrissur city so you can reach by train or bus