Silent Valley National Park

Kerala known as the God’s own country is not only famous for spices, coconuts, and culture.The culture of Kerala is very famous throughout the world. Kerala has proved to be a place of tourists and tourism. It’s worthy to know that the people of Kerala still follow their principles. There goes a famous saying in Sanskrit “ADHITHI DEVO BHAVA”.  It is also famous for its natural beauty and bio diversity. Hills and mountains, rivers and lakes, and the wide range of bio-diversity enhance the beauty of the place. Not only it attracts the local tourists it also attracts tourists from different parts of the world. Kerala is a place where one can certainly feel the beauty of nature which their hearts and hands. Due to its everlasting and sumptuous beauty it also proves to be the place for artists and poets.

Apart from many mountains and hills Kerala is a home for wide range of wildlife. It has many wildlife sanctuaries and National parks which protects and shelters different varieties of animals and birds. One such National park situated in Kerala is the Silent valley National park. It is located in the Nilgiri Hills in Palakkad district of Kerala. This park is one of the undisturbed tracts of South-western Ghats and tropical moist evergreen forests in India. The center attraction of this place is Sairandhri. The Silent valley National Park was established in 26th December 1980. Silent Valley is a home to many animals and birds. It shelters the largest population of Lion tailed Macaque which is an endangered species.

Silent valley is locally called as the Sairandhrivanam. According to the Hindu legend this forest was one of the places where the Pandavas stayed during their 14-years exile. Besides the river on a hill slope is a cave where according to the Hindu mythology is the cave where Pandavas halted.

Even though Silent valley is a pastoral piece of land it has victimized the largest environmentalist Social Movement known as the SAVE SILENT VALLLEY which was against the proposal of KSEB for a hydroelectric power plant by building a dam across the Kunthipuzha river.

How to reach here

The nearest railway station is palakkard junction at a distance of 60km

The nearest airports are ?Coimbatore (55km) calicat(80km) and Cochin (125km)


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