Thangaserry beach

Thangaserry Beach is one of the famous beaches of historical importance located in the Kollam district of Kerala. Thangaserry was once a Portuguese colony and then a Dutch colony which finally came under British dominion during their rule. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the state and one can never forget the beauty of the white sandy sea shore spotted with swaying palm trees being watched from the top of the light house tower situated on its shore. This beach draws the attraction of a number of tourists visiting Kerala. This Beach is also known for its historical importance. It is to be certainly mentioned about the Historical facts and attractions of this beach. Anyone who visits the beach can see the remains of the famous Thangaserry Fort which was established by the Dutch and the Portuguese in the18th century. The sea shore proves not only to be a best picnic sport for the tourists but also as the best relaxing spot for the locals.

One visiting this beach must certainly do the various water sports like scuba diving, parasailing, fishing, and catamaran riding. These activities thus present a delight to many adventure lovers. The sea shore also has some Churches which were once built by the Dutch. Even though these Churches were constructed long years back they still exist and their architectural beauty is certainly marvelous to be appreciated. Another attraction of the place is the Thangaserry Light house which was built in 1902.

How to reach here

It is easy to reach from all places and is situated at a distance of 5 kilometers from the railway station of Kollam. The nearest Airport is the Trivandrum international airport



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