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Thrissur (formerly known as Trichur) is known as the “Cultural Capital” of Kerala and it houses 3 main cultural centres of Kerala namely Kerala Sahitya Academy, Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy and Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy. More over Thrissur is internationally popular and renowned for its festival “Thrissur Pooram”- the most spectacular temple festival of Kerala celebrated during month of April or May. Thrissur city is built around a hillock named “Thekinkadu Maithanam” which houses the temple of Vadakkumnathan. Thrissur is also famous for its beautiful Athirapally waterfalls (natural) which is a favourite destination for Indian cinema crew to shoot song sequences.

How to Access Thrissur:

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport is the nearest and is located at 55 Km from city.

Rail: Thrissur has a main railway station in the city itself and has trains to all cities across India round the clock.

Road: You can access Thrissur using National Highway – NH-47

Most Popular Tour Events:

Thrissur has two spectacular events which creates an ever memorable experience for it’s guests.

1. Thrissur Pooram

Known as the “Pooram of all Pooram’s” (Festival of all Festivals), Thrissur pooram is the most popular, most spectacular, mind blowing temple festival of Kerala. Main attractions of pooram are amazing fireworks,caparisoned Elephants (richly decorated and more than 50 in number) and widely renowned Panchari Melam (a percussion ensemble lasting many hours). Thrissur pooram is now internationally recogonized and tourists from many countries visit Kerala during this period and become a part of it. Pooram is held during month of April or May (as per local Malayalam calendar).

2. Thrissur Puli Kali

Thrissur Puli (Leopard) Kali is a cultural festival celebrated 3 days after the cultural festival of Kerala known as Onam. This mind blowing festival is also known as “Kaduva (Tiger) Kali”, in which people gets their body painted like Tiger (number of people is very large) and they perform traditional dances throughout the Thrissur city. This festival is internationally renowned and it’s history dates back to 200 years.

Most Popular Tour Destinations:

1.  Athirapally – Vazhachal Waterfalls

Athirapally waterfalls is one of the best water falls in Kerala, located in the Chalakudy river, originates from Western Ghats, this 80 feet natural water fall is a major source of worlds bio diversity hosting a number of endangered species. This scenic wonder is a favourite destination of film makers and a number of successful Indian movies (song and wild sequences) has been shot here. 5Km from Athirapally, you can spot the Vazhachal waterfalls, which is notable for it’s thick riparian vegetation. Both waterfalls with their cool, misty water current  cascading down the thick green forest and hilly terrain offers a mind refreshing experience to it’s guest, in fact you can connect with true virgin nature here, a blessed, liberated feeling, a true meditation.

2. Vadakkumnathan Temple

A classic example of Kerala architecture, Vadakkumnathan Temple (also known as Thenkailasam) is an ancient Shiva temple established by Parasurama (sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu). This temple has four “Gopuram” (monumental towers) set in the 4 directions, North, South, East and West.  Mural carvings that depict Mahabaratha is a must see and is classic.

3. Guruvayur Temple

The most popular pilgrim centre of Kerala, Guruvayur temple is an excellant example of ancient architecture (still it is referenced). According to legends the idol worshipped here is 5000 years old. Guruvayur temple which is devoted to Lord Krishna (Guruvayurappan), is internationally renowned and is visited by thousands of devotees from India and abroad any single day. East side has a museum which houses many rare collections of offerings made by devotees.

4.  Sakthan Thampuran Palace

An example of Kerala-Dutch style architecture, Sakthan Thampuran palace (also known as Vadakkechira Palace)  is now preserved by Archeological department of Government. This palace was renovated to it’s present form by Sakthan Thampuran (reigned during AD 1790 to 1805). This palace is a must see for travellers who are interested in the history of Kerala, specially about rulers and administration.

5. Cheruthuruthy Cultural Village

As you already know, Thrissur is the cultural centre of Kerala and it’s heart is “Cheruthuruthy”. All major academy for Cultural and Performing Arts are located here and the striking attraction is “Kerala Kalamandalam”.  Founded by Late Malayalam poet Shri.Vallathol Narayana Menon in 1930, Kerala Kalamandalam is now a deemed university for learning Indian Performing Arts like Mohiniyattam, Kathakali, Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Thullal,Kudiyattam and traditional orchestra called Panchavadyam. In addition training is given in various percussion instruments like Chenda, Maddalam, Idayka etc. This institution follows Gurukula Sampradayam (residential education system). A must see place to understand and experience cultural beauty of Kerala.

6. Chimmony Wild Life Sanctuary

Established in 1984, Chimmony wild life sanctuary is an eco tourism project of Kerala. Located in Mukundapuram village of Thrissur district, Chimmony is an ideal place for travellers who are in search for wild life. This wild life sanctuary houses many rare species and you can see Malabar Whistling Thrush, Tiger, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Dhole, Nilgiri Langur, Bonnet Macaque, Elephant, Gaur, Sambar etc. Forests here are tropical evergreen and moist deciduous.

7.  Peechi Dam

Peechi Dam is an irrigation dam project to cater the water supply needs for Paddy fields outside Thrissur city.  Located at 23Km from Thrissur city at Peechi Village, this dam is a beautiful picnic spot. The dam is built across Manali river, covers an area of 3200 acres with extensive botanical gardens and cascading fountains which invites traveller’s mind.

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